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KSY thermocouple head

KSY thermocouple head KSY thermocouple head KSY thermocouple head

Decription Part No  Wire entry Tube entry Color
 Thermocouple Head             (Fitting Block 27mm S series)   KSY16M12NS M16*1.5 1/2"NPT Standard silver/ others
KSY16M12BS M16*1.5 1/2"BSPP
KSY16M14BS M16*1.5 1/4"BSPP
KSY16M10MS M16*1.5 M10*1
KSY38B14BS 3/8"BSPP 1/4"BSPP
KSY38B12BS 3/8"BSPP 1/2"BSPP

** Die-casting aluminum
** Lacquer painting&polyester powder coating
** Tested with thread gauge
** Smooth surface and nice outlooking
** Protection class IP65.
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